The Roommate Dilemma

East Lansing students, we hear you. Deciding on how many roommates to live with can be a tough choice. Living by yourself can be great, allowing you to work completely around your own schedule. But this option often comes at a higher cost. Living with two or three others also has some fantastic social advantages and can take your cost per month down. So, how can you get the best of both worlds? We have the answer. Check out the two-bedroom options we have at Victory East Lansing!

731 Burcham, 745 Burcham, and Victory on Abbott all have amazing two-bedroom apartments just waiting for their first residents to live in them post-renovations. That’s right. You’ll be the first group to live here after we’ve fully renovated these with incredible kitchens, stainless steel appliances, new flooring and of course each apartment is fully furnished. Plus, at rates that are between $725 and $750, you’re paying hundreds less each month for the same quality living experience as locations on Grand River. How amazing is that?

Grab your BFF and see your future apartment today by visiting us at 745 Burcham Drive. Trust us, it’s a total Victory!

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